Costa Rica Volcanoes

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Costa Rica, situated within the dynamic Central American Volcanic Arc, boasts a high density of both active and dormant volcanoes. This prolific volcanism is a direct result of the Cocos Plate subducting beneath the Caribbean Plate, fueling the magma generation that feeds these fiery giants. The volcanic landscape of Costa Rica is diverse, featuring towering stratovolcanoes like Arenal and Irazú, complex volcanic massifs like Rincón de la Vieja, and older, deeply eroded volcanic structures.

Several of Costa Rica’s volcanoes are notable for their ongoing activity. Arenal, with its iconic cone, was in a state of near-constant eruption for decades until quieting in 2010. Turrialba Volcano has seen increased activity in recent years, characterized by ash emissions, occasional explosions, and incandescent glow within its crater. Poás Volcano also exhibits cycles of activity, with phreatic eruptions driven by the interaction of magma with hydrothermal systems.