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Extreme Pursuit is actively engaged in a diverse range of ongoing projects, each at varying stages of development. These initiatives are designed to understand and document geological features and rare natural phenomena within New Zealand and beyond. We employ cutting-edge technologies with a commitment to scientific rigor and collaboration.


Discovering new Lava Caves in Auckland

Beneath Auckland’s volcanic terrain lies a hidden labyrinth of lava caves, formed centuries ago by molten lava flows. We have undertaken far reaching exploration efforts of the Auckland Volcanic Field, uncovering new and undocumented lava caves. More recently, our team has discovered and documented some of the most significant lava caves to date. This initiative employs rigorous field research and exploration, complemented with state-of-the-art technology and advanced methodologies. View the project here.



Forecasting a Bioluminescent Light Show

Marine bioluminescence is a chemical reaction manifesting in the form of light that occurs when single-celled organisms called dinoflagellates are disturbed by a wave or splash. Whilst remarkable, the phenomenon is notoriously difficult to catch sight of. Success often comes down to blind luck – being in the right place, at the right time. This project aims to change this by producing a working bioluminescence forecast that utilises satellite data, multi-spectral sensor (MSS) bands, machine learning and weather models. View the project here.



Geothermal Surface Features of New Zealand

New Zealand boasts a diverse array of geothermal features including bubbling mud pools, mud pots, mud volcanoes, steaming fumaroles, erupting geysers and colorful sinter terraces. Many of these features are poorly documented, nor monitored.  This project aims to comprehensively map and document significant surface features, while also establishing a framework for ongoing monitoring.


LiDAR Cave Mapping

LiDAR technology offers a powerful tool for cave mapping, enabling the creation of detailed 3D models of subterranean environments. By emitting laser pulses and measuring their return times, lidar sensors can accurately capture the geometry and spatial characteristics of caves, aiding in exploration, research, and conservation efforts. This project tests and refines cave mapping efforts using technologies from readily accessible smartphone applications to cutting-edge LiDAR SLAM systems.


Secret Locations and Phenomena in Auckland, New Zealand

A journey stretching thousands of kilometres on foot to uncover some truly remarkable locations and phenomena – places that Aucklander’s would never believe are in their own backyard. From the highest point in the region to deep underground with plenty of wandering along the way, including a mammoth 400km circumnavigation of the Manukau Harbour. View the project here.



Exploration New Zealand

Going to the places in New Zealand no one else goes to. Embarking on mini expeditions to uncover and record remote coastlines, rugged mountain ranges, mysterious caves, and isolated islands.


Capturing Aurora in Auckland

Capturing remarkable photos of Aurora Australis from northerly locations in New Zealand, where sightings are infrequent and exceptional. View the project here.


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