Turrialba is Costa Rica’s easternmost volcano. The 3,340m high volcano is a large stratovolcano with a complex of three summit craters.

Location: Central Costa Rica
Coordinates: 10.018557, -83.765008
Volcano Type: Stratovolcano


Turrialba’s Location


Turrialba’s Latest Status

2024: Not Active


Turrialba’s Eruptive History

2010 After a long period of low level fumarolic activity and gas emissions, Turrialba erupted (phreatic) in January 2000 producing ash falls to 30km.
2014 After an increase in seismicity, a magmatic eruption occurred in October. This major eruption sent ash over 40km away and was the first magmatic eruption in 150 years.
2016 Ongoing eruptions and ash emissions.
2018 A small lava pool was observed.
2019 Frequent ash emissions continue.
2020 Seismicity stable. Minor ash eruptions continue. Fracturing and incandescence observed within the crater. This was followed by two eruptions, the latter producing an ash plume to 1km.
2022 July. Small eruption with plume rising to 200m


Turrialba Monitoring

Please refer to OVSICORI for monitoring of this volcano.


Turrialba Images