Mount Ngauruhoe, or Mount Doom is one the most active volcanoes in New Zealand. Part of the Tongariro volcanic complex, this stratovolcano rises to an elevation of 2,291m. Ngauruhoe is renowned for its symmetric conical shape which the result of successive eruptions, possible dating back 7000 years or longer. Over 60 eruptions have occurred since written records began, with the most recent occurring in 1977. A spectacular strombolian-type eruption began in 1954, producing lava flows. More recently (2006, 2015), the alert level was raised to Level 1 (signs of unrest) due to higher than normal earthquake activity.

I have climbed Ngauruhoe on multiple occasions and have also ventured to the crater floor (do NOT do this!). Vigorous fumaroles were present and the ground warm (from the absence of snow and ice). I also found rings littered everywhere from tourists who throw them into the crater to save Middle-Earth.

Mount Ngauruhoe from the summit of Mount Tongariro

Crater floor

Mount Ngauruhoe in winter