Pacaya is an active complex volcano in Guatemala. Pacaya has been erupting continuously since its violent eruption in 1965. It is one of the most active volcanoes in Guatemala and its frequent eruptions are often visible from Guatemala City.

Location: Near Guatemala City, Guatemala
Coordinates: 14.382899, -90.601607
Volcano Type: Complex


Pacaya’s Location


Pacaya’s Latest Status

2024: Not Active, Alert Level 1


Pacaya’s Eruptive History

2000 Lava fountaining to 750m, lava flows and plume reaching 8km.
2003 Frequent steam plumes and emissions.
2005 Lava flows and occasional strombolian eruptions.
2010 May – Eruption with plume reaching 1.5km and significant lava flows. Ash fall in Gautemala City. Local communities evacuated. A local reporter, first on the scene, was reportedly killed.
2014 Sudden eruption with plume reaching 13km. Ongoing lava flows.
2015 Small cinder cone present.
2018 Larger pyroclastic cone present and constantly growing. Begins to full up the MacKenney Crater completely.
2019 Visit by Extreme Pursuit. Multiple lava flows noted, small strombolian activity from the summit pyroclastic cone. Caught in an extreme lightning storm also!
2021 Flank eruption producing multiple lava flows. Activity increases further with multiple ash eruptions.


Pacaya Monitoring

For monitoring of Guatemala’s Volcanoes, please refer to INSIVUMEH


Pacaya Images