Guatemala Volcanoes

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Guatemala, nestled along the Central American Volcanic Arc, is home to an impressive array of active and dormant volcanoes. This volcanic chain arises from the subduction of the Cocos Plate beneath the Caribbean Plate, providing a continuous supply of magma and driving the region’s intense volcanism. Guatemala’s volcanic landscape showcases a variety of volcanic forms, from the classic conical stratovolcanoes to expansive caldera systems.

Three of Guatemala’s volcanoes – Fuego, Pacaya, and Santiaguito – stand out for their persistent activity. Fuego, known for its frequent, spectacular eruptions, produces ash columns, pyroclastic flows, and incandescent lava flows. Pacaya, a complex volcano near Guatemala City, exhibits both Strombolian and effusive lava-producing eruptions. Santiaguito, part of the Santa María volcanic complex, has been characterized by dome growth and intermittent explosive activity since its formation in the early 20th century.