Second major eruption of Ruang

On April 30th at 02.35 WITA, Indonesia’s Mount Ruang volcano experienced a powerful eruption, its second major event within this month. The eruption generated a substantial ash plume that reached altitudes of nearly 30 kilometers. Observations revealed incandescent lava flows, pyroclastic activity, lapilli falling from the sky, deep rumbling and potential blazes affecting nearby communities. The event was accompanied by volcanic lightning, which is a phenomenon often observed during intense eruptions.

VAAC Darwin has issued a strong eruption advisory with ash rising to almost 30km.

The Indonesian geological service has maintained the highest alert level (Level IV) for Mount Ruang due to escalating levels of volcanic activity. Instruments recorded a significant increase in both deep and shallow volcanic earthquakes (237 shallow volcanic earthquakes and 425 deep volcanic earthquakes have been recorded), indicating heightened magma movement within the volcano’s conduit system. Gas emissions and elevated ground deformation patterns also corroborated intensifying subsurface processes.

Residents are strictly prohibited from entering a 6-kilometer exclusion zone around the volcano’s crater.


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