Ambrym Volcano Erupts – April 21 2024

In a significant development, Ambrym Volcano on Ambrym Island in the Vanuatu archipelago has entered a new eruptive phase. Visual observations, including a distinctive incandescence from the Marum crater in webcam footage, confirm the presence of fresh lava flows. Residents report intense volcanic glow accompanied by powerful explosive activity. This eruption closely follows a prior event in January, which was localized within the Benbow crater.

Multiple thermal anomalies have been recorded within the Marum cone, starting yesterday (April 20) with the latest radiative power reading at ~14MW (moderate). A small steam/ash cloud was visible on satellite reaching up to 2km. A 2km exclusion zone has been established around Marum’s cone. The Alert Level remains at Level 2.

The Vanuatu Meteorology and Geo-Hazards Department (VMGD) has issued a heightened alert in response to the escalating volcanic activity. To mitigate risk, a 2 km exclusion zone has been established around the active craters. The VMGD strongly advises residents and visitors to strictly adhere to these safety restrictions. Ambrym, a basaltic shield volcano within the New Hebrides arc, is notable for its continuously active status and the presence of persistent lava lakes within its craters. The current Alert Level remains at Level 2, with close monitoring ongoing to assess further potential changes.


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