Pavlof is one of North America’s most active volcanoes. It has erupted at least twenty-four times in the last century. It is a stratovolcano, part of the Aleutian Range and located in the Alaska Peninsula, USA.

Location: Aleutian Islands, Alaska
Coordinates: 55.424631, -161.893025
Volcano Type: Stratovolcano


Pavlof’s Location


Pavlof’s Latest Status

2024: Current Volcano Alert Level: WATCH


Pavlof’s Eruptive History

1762 Earliest confirmed eruption (VEI=4)
1906 VEI=3 Eruption from the summit and north flank.
1970’s Multiple eruptions, lava flows
1980’s Regular lava fountaining/strombolian activity, large ash eruptions (to 5km in 1983), vigorous seismicity.
1996 Eruptive activity resumes, with a 20km high plume recorded in Dec.
2007 After 11 years of little activity, Pavlof erupted in spectacular fashion, with a plume reaching 6pm and extensive lava flows reported.
2017 Eruption with ash plume to 11km. Ongoing steam emissions.
2019 Possible small eruption in October. Aviation Color Code to Yellow. Downgraded to Normal in November.
2022 Nov/Dec 2022: Minor eruption on Pavlof’s upper flank.


Pavlof Monitoring

For monitoring of United States Volcanoes, please refer to USGS.


Pavlof Images