Mount Shishaldin


Mount Shishaldin volcano is the highest and one of the Aleutian Island’s most active volcanoes. The Shishaldin local name is Sisquk, which means “mountain which points the way when I am lost.”

Location: Aleutian Islands, Alaska
Coordinates: 54.754490, -163.970362
Volcano Type: Stratovolcano


Mount Shishaldin’s Location


Mount Shishaldin’s Latest Status

2024: Current Volcano Alert Level: WATCH


Mount Shishaldin’s Eruptive History

7550 BCE Oldest confirmed eruption (radiocarbon)
1970’s Multiple ash eruptions and steam plumes.
1980’s Ongoing ash eruptions and steam emissions.
1995 Ash eruption to 10km. Ongoing steam plumes and thermal anomalies.
1999 Strombolian eruptions. Incandescent blocks to 200m above the crater. No lava flows.
2000 Phreatic eruptions, small explosions and thermal anomalies.
2015 Active lave lake, fire fountaining and explosive activity.
2019/2020 Multiple lava flows, pyroclastic flows and ash eruptions. Vivid lava flows (NE flank) were observed from Cold Bay.
2023 Paroxysm episode underway. Lava fountaining, lava flows and plume to 14km.
2024 Low level unrest continues.


Mount Shishaldin Monitoring

For monitoring of United States Volcanoes, please refer to USGS.


Mount Shishaldin Images