Savo Island


Savo Island, situated in the Solomon Islands archipelago, is a dormant stratovolcano displaying a classic conical morphology. Savo’s geological history includes periods of both effusive and explosive activity, with evidence of past lava flows and pyroclastic deposits. While significant eruptions have not occurred in recent times, the volcano still exhibits signs of unrest in the form of hot springs and fumaroles.

Location: Solomon Islands
Coordinates: -9.132688, 159.810004
Volcano Type: Stratovolcano


Savo Island’s Location


Savo Island’s Latest Status

2024: Not Active.


Savo Island’s Eruptive History

Year Eruptive Activity
1568 First recorded eruption, reports of volcanic plumes, ash fall, and changes in jungle vegetation.
1835-1847 Series of eruptions producing pyroclastic flows that devastated much of the island. Blue flames were observed potentially caused by burning sulfur.
Late 1800s Possible minor eruptions reported.
~1950s Possible phreatic activity but limited documentation.
2021 Unconfirmed steam (phreatic) explosions.


Savo Island Monitoring

For monitoring of this volcano, please refer to the Solomon Island Geological Survey Division.


Savo Island Images