Ulawun, located in the West New Britain Province of Papua New Guinea, is a highly active basaltic and andesitic stratovolcano. It is renowned as one of the most hazardous volcanoes within the Decade Volcanoes program due to its frequent eruptions and proximity to human settlements.

Location: West New Britain Province, Papua New Guinea
Coordinates: -5.050347, 151.332045
Volcano Type: Stratovolcano


Ulawun’s Location


Ulawun’s Latest Status

2024: Major Unrest


Ulawun’s Eruptive History

Year Overview
1700 First recorded major eruption by European observers.
1800s Sporadic reports of significant eruptions.
Early 1900s (Pre-1915) Frequent eruptive activity, generally small to moderate-sized events.
1915 First confirmed major explosive eruption.
1960s – 1980s A sustained period of high activity with major eruptions in the 1960s, 1970s (including a flank eruption), and 1980s.
2000 – 2001 Major eruption with pyroclastic flows and significant ashfall.
2019 Large sub-Plinian eruption with lava flows and high ash column.
2022-23 Period of increased activity with ash emissions, explosions, and the potential for more significant eruptions.
Nov 23 Ash emissions and eruption noises prompted a raised alert level.
2024 March – An explosion with ashfall reported at nearby villages.


Ulawun Monitoring

Not available for this volcano


Ulawun Images