Manam is a 10 km wide volcanic island located in Papua New Guinea. It is one of the most active volcanoes in Guinea. Manam is a basaltic-andesitic stratovolcano and has one of the longest records of historic eruptions. While there is vegetation on its lower slopes, the upper slopes are bare due to frequent eruptions.

Location: Bismarck Sea, Bogia District, Papua New Guinea
Coordinates: -4.061620, 145.027170
Volcano Type: Basaltic-andesitic stratovolcano


Manam’s Location


Manam’s Latest Status

2024: Currently Erupting


Manam’s Eruptive History

1996 December – Major eruption – 13 people killed from pyroclastic flows.
2004 October-December – Major eruption saw 9,000 inhabitants of the island evacuated. 5 people died.
2005 Even larger eruption occurred, causing further injuries. Further evacuations took place.
2007 Eruption with ash plume reaching 12,000ft. A mudflow killed 4 people.
2008 Eruption with minor ash plume
2010 Ongoing eruptions causing pyroclastic flows.
2012 Eruption with small ash plumes. Strombolian activity and lava flow observed by locals.
2013 Eruption with ash plume reaching 13,000ft. Red glow seen from summit
2015 Large eruption with ash plume rising to over 36,000ft
2016-2017 Multiple ash advisories issues.
2019 Significant eruptions continue. An earthquake was observed two hours prior to major eruption with ash plumes reaching 55,000ft. Lava observable from satellite imagery. Water sources and food gardens completely destroyed
2020 Regular eruptions continue on Manam. On the 6th of December, an eruption occurred producing an ash plume to almost 3km.
2021 June: A small eruption occurred with an ash plume of 2km
2022 Larger eruptions continue. In April, a large eruption occurred, producing an ash plume to 14km
2023 November 2023: Significant eruptions, producing large fire fountaining and producing ash to 2000 meters.
2024 March: Eruption with plume rising to 3000m


Manam Monitoring

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