Shimoedake is an active volcano located in Kyushu, Japan. The volcano’s most recent and the largest eruption occurred in March, 2018, grounding flights as the sky filled with volcanic ash and smoke.

Location: Kyūshū, Japan
Coordinates: 31.910210, 130.886323
Volcano Type: Shield


Shimoedake’s Location


Shimoedake’s Latest Status

2024: Alert Level 1 – Not Active


Shinmoedake’s Eruptive History

1970’s A small eruption occurred in 1971 on North foot. In 1979 a further eruption occurred at the Shinmoedake area.
1980’s Fumarole activity.
1990’s Small steam emissions.
2008 August – Eruption (from Shinmoedake) with ash fall over 25 km away.
2010 March – Small ash eruption
2011 January – significant eruption, the largest since 1959. The Alert Level was raised to 3. In February, a larger eruption produced a plume to 2.5km. A further eruption occurred in March
2017 October – Eruption.
2018 A new eruptive episode begins. Two explosions were observed in March producing plumes to over 3000m. A further eruption occurred in April sending incandescent ejecta hundreds of meters above the crater.
2023 Minor inflation reported, but no longer detected. Seismicity increased during July,


Shinmoedake Monitoring

For monitoring of Japan’s Volcanoes, please refer to JMA.


Shinmoedake Images