Sakurajima is one of the world’s most active volcanoes. The stratovolcano is located in Kyushu, Japan. It is currently one of the few volcanoes with constant eruptions. Its typical activity ranges from strombolian to large ash explosions.

Location: Kyushu, Japan
Coordinates: 31.583926, 130.649965
Volcano Type: Stratovolcano


Sakurajima’s Location


Sakurajima’s Latest Status

2024: Alert Level 4 – Erupting. Eruptions continue with regular ash advisories. Crater incandescence at night.


Sakurajima’s Eruptive History

1990-1999 This period was characterised by frequent explosions and irregular seismicity. 1993 saw a lull in activity, but quickly resumed. 1995 saw eruptions producing plumes to 4000m.
2000-2010 Frequent explosive eruptions continue. An eruption occurred outside of the summit crater in 2006. Blocks were sent flying over 2km skyward during eruptions in 2009.
2011-2012 Heightened eruptions creating multiple pyroclastic flows. Volcanic lightning observed.
2013 Significant eruption from the Showa crater creating an ash plume to 5km.
2014-2015 Alert Level rises to 4. Emergency warning issued after data points to an imminent large eruption.
2018 After a temporary lull in activity, eruptions resume in the Minamidake crater.
2019 Eruptions continue at the Minamidake crater.
2020 The Japan Meteorological Agency have issued a warning, stating that Sakurajima may erupt on a large scale due to recent data readings.
2023 Eruptions at the Minamidake Crater continue with plumes to 15km. Crater incandescence at night.
2024 Alert Level 4. Eruptions continue with regular ash advisories. Crater incandescence at night.


Sakurajima Monitoring

For monitoring of Japan’s Volcanoes, please refer to JMA.


Sakurajima Images