Nishinoshima is a volcanic island located in southern Japan. Nishinoshima was enlarged during an erupting in 1974 and further enlarged in 2013 when another eruption occurred. Since the last eruption, the 700m wide island has grown to 2.63 km2.

Location: Southeast of Tokyo, Japan
Coordinates: 27.247388, 140.875453
Volcano Type: Caldera


Nishinoshima’s Location


Nishinoshima’s Latest Status

2024: Alert Level 3 – Minor Activity / Erupting. Small eruptions continue.


Nishinoshima’s Eruptive History

1973 Submarine eruption breaks the ocean surface. Further eruptions in September build a new island.
1974 Significant lava flows from five new cones and creating new land area.
2013 Eruption created a new island, just off the original island. Further activity and expansion of this island eventually led to them merging.
2015 The island continues to expand after further eruptions and strombolian activity.
2018 Lava flows and small eruptions
2020 Eruption with ash plume to 1km. Lava flows entering the ocean.
2023 April 2023: Minor effusive eruptions continue. A small plume to 2km was produced from an eruption on April 11.
2023 Alert Level 3 – Minor Activity / Erupting. Small eruptions continue.


Nishinoshima Monitoring

For monitoring of Japan’s Volcanoes, please refer to JMA.


Nishinoshima Images