Mount Unzen


Mount Unzen is one of Japan’s most active and dangerous volcanoes. It is a volcanic group of many overlapping stratovolcanoes located on the Island of Kyushu. When one of the several lava domes collapsed in 1792, a megatsunami was triggered, killing 14,524 people.

Location: Island of Kyushu, Japan
Coordinates: 32.758209, 130.301525
Volcano Type: Stratovolcano


Mount Unzen’s Location


Mount Unzen’s Latest Status

2024: Alert Level 1 – Not Active


Mount Unzen’s Eruptive History

1663 Fugen-dake erupted, producing lava flows to 1km. The surrounding forest was destroyed.
1792 February – Eruptions and multiple lava flows at Fugen-dake’s crater. The lava dome produced collapsed unexpectedly causing a 100 meter high tsunami and killing almost 15,000 people.
1989-1991 Seismic activity was recorded underneath Fugen-dake. In Nov 1990 a series of phreatic eruptions occurred. The following year, the volcano erupted three more times, intensifying through to May. A large lava dome was produced. In June 1991, 12,000 residents were evacuated. The lava dome eventually collapsed, triggering a massive pyroclastic flow which extended nearly 5km. This claimed the lives of a number of scientists, including volcanologists and adventurers Katia and Maurice Krafft.
1992-1996 Ongoing lave dome rebuilding and collapses, triggering pyroclastic flows.


Mount Unzen Monitoring

For monitoring of Japan’s Volcanoes, please refer to JMA.


Mount Unzen Images