Sangeang Api


Sangeang Api is an active volcano consisting of 2 overlapping cones: 1,795m Doro Mantoi and 1,949, Doro API. This active complex volcano is located on the island of Sangeang, Indonesia. The last major eruption occurred in 2014, which prompted many airlines to cancel flights into some territories.

Location: Lesser Sunda Islands, Indonesia
Coordinates: -8.195566, 119.069976
Volcano Type: Complex


Sangeang Api’s location


Sangeang Api’s Latest Status

2024: Sangeang Api remains dormant. Activity is at normal, background levels.


Sangeang Api’s Eruptive History

1980’s Frequent eruptions. In 1985 the island was evacuated due to ash falls and lava flows.
1990’s 1997 Eruptive Activity continues. 1999 (March-May) – Minor eruptions observed.
2009 Sangeang Api becomes restless with white emissions and low seismicity.
2012-2013 Ongoing seismicity and white emissions.
2014 May – Significant eruption producing ash plume to 3km and multiple pyroclastic flows. The island was evacuated.
2017 Strombolian activity – increased thermal anomalies.
2019 Frequent (minor) eruptions, ongoing strombolian activity
2020 Ongoing eruptive activity and thermal anomalies detected. As of Nov, a small number of moderate-high thermal anomalies have been detected.
2022 Ash plumes observed, rising to 5km.


Sangeang Api Monitoring

For monitoring of Indonesian Volcanoes, please refer to PVMBG.


Sangeang Api Images