Lewotobi, an imposing stratovolcano located in the Flores region of Indonesia, is recognized for its twin summits, Lewotobi Laki-laki and Lewotobi Perempuan. This complex volcano has a history marked by frequent eruptions, often of an explosive nature. Eruptions typically manifest as ash plumes, pyroclastic flows, and the occasional generation of lava flows.

Location: Flores, Indonesia
Coordinates: -8.537027, 122.767490
Volcano Type: Stratovolcano


Lewotobi’s Location


Lewotobi’s Latest Status

2024: Active. Alert Level 2.


Lewotobi’s Eruptive History

Year Overview
Pre-historical Evidence in lava flows, ash layers, etc., suggests numerous eruptions of varying intensities
1600s – 1800s Records mention eruptions, likely including ash plumes, explosions, and potentially lava flows
1850s – 1950s Frequent eruptive periods, characterized by ash emissions, explosions, and occasional lava flows
1950 – 2000 Continued eruptions, including periods of sustained ash plumes, volcanic bombs, and some lava flows
2000 – 2001 Persistent ash plumes, occasional explosions and lava lake formation
2002 Significant explosion in October, substantial ashfall
2003 Multiple eruptive phases throughout the year, some with observed lava flows
2004 Decreased intensity, mainly ash emissions with intermittent explosions
2004-2006 Intermittent eruptive activity, similar to 2004
2024 White steam and gas plumes rise above the crater in April. Ash emissions from both cones in January.


Lewotobi Monitoring

For monitoring of Indonesian Volcanoes, please refer to PVMBG.


Lewotobi Images