Karangetang Volcano


Karangetang is a stratovolcano located in Sulawesi, Indonesia. Having erupted more than 40 times, it is one of Indonesia’s most active volcanoes. Karangetang is notorious for producing dangerous pyroclastic flows and building lava domes.

Location: Sulawesi, Indonesia
Coordinates: 2.781613, 125.405496
Volcano Type: Stratovolcano


Karangetang’s Location


Karangetang’s Latest Status

2024: The Alert Level sits at Level 2 after decreased activity.


Karangetang’s Eruptive History

2024 The Alert Level sits at Level 2 after decreased activity.
2023 April: Eruption producing lava flows as far as 2km.
2022 Steam/gas emissions continue.
2021 Glow from the crater and small eruption in October.
2020 Ongoing ash eruption from the summit crater.
2018 Feb & July: Plume emissions reported rising to 600m. Alert level raised to Yellow.
2016 Lava dome was incandescent at night, some emissions and earthquakes reported.
2015 Lava flows and strombolian activity observed. Large series of eruptions from the northern flank of the volcano, covering local villages in ash.
2014 Medium sized eruptions, lava dome incandescent and a number of shallow earthquakes recorded.
2013 Ongoing eruptions and incandescent glow from the summit
2012 Large, ongoing eruptions and lava flows reaching local villages
2011 Growing lava dome and pyroclastic flows generated (1.5km from the crater). A number of villages had to be evacuated.
2010 4 people die in an eruption


Karangetang Monitoring

For monitoring of Indonesian Volcanoes, please refer to PVMBG.


Karangetang Images