Dukono Volcano


Dukono volcano, situated in the Halmahera Islands of Indonesia, is renowned for its persistent volcanic activity. Classified as a complex volcano, Dukono features multiple overlapping craters and eruptive vents. Its continuous eruptions have been documented for centuries, generating ash columns, lava flows, and occasional pyroclastic flows. It is has been active since 1933.

Location: Halmahera Island, Indonesia
Coordinates: 1.700757, 127.866584
Volcano Type: Complex volcano


Dukono’s location:


Dukono’s Latest Status

2024: Significant, but less frequent eruptions with large ash plumes being produced.


Dukono’s Eruptive History

2024 Significant, but less frequent eruptions with large ash plumes being produced.
2023 After a relatively quiet period, Dukono erupted multiple times in Dec, producing large ash plumes.
2022 August 2022: Extreme Pursuit visited Dukono. There were multiple glowing vents, vigorous degassing and eruptions occurring a few times a day.
2018 Ongoing eruptions
2017 Extreme Pursuit Expedition during heightened state. Unfortunately a full summit was unachievable due to major and changeable ash eruptions/plumes. Ash eruptions with large lava bombs and heavy rumbling were observed approximately every 20 mins.
2014 Significant increase in eruptive activity. Lightning and lava bombs observed.
2012 4.8mg earthquake and ongoing eruptions.
1946 Large scale eruptions that covered nearby villages.
1550 Major eruptive period. A large lava flow filled in a valley.


Dukono Monitoring

For monitoring of Indonesian Volcanoes, please refer to PVMBG.


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