Sangay is an active stratovolcano located in central Ecuador. It is Ecuador’s most active volcano and towers majestically at 5,230 metres high. Most of Sangay’s eruptions are strombolian.

Location: The Andes, Ecuador
Coordinates: -2.011519, -78.327497
Volcano Type: Stratovolcano


Sangay’s Location


Sangay’s Latest Status

2024: Active – Currently Erupting


Sangay’s Eruptive History

1970’s Ongoing eruptive activity, including lava flows. Two people were killed during an eruption in 1976.
1980’s Eruptive activity continues with lava flows and rockfalls.
1990’s This period was defined by ongoing phreatic explosions, steam plumes and a red glow from the summit crater.
2000-2005 Frequent eruptions continue. A large eruption occurred in Jan 2004.
2006-2010 Eruptive activity continues including multiple thermal anomalies and incandescent rockfalls
2011-2015 Regular activity with some significant ash plumes.
2017 Lava flows observed on the SE flank. Eruptive activity continues.
2018 Significant ash eruptions, incandescent rockfalls, lava flows.
2019 Almost daily ash advisories issues. Thermal anomalies resumed in mid may. Some eruptions produced pyroclastic flows.
2020 Sangay continues to display regular ash eruptions, producing pyroclastic flows and regular thermal anomalies. As of Dec 2020, there are regular ash eruptions to 20,000ft
2023 Explosive activity continues with recently activity producing plumes to 6700 m.
2024 A high level of eruptive activity continues, with regular eruptions daily, producing plumes to 1000m


Sangay Monitoring

Please refer to IG-EPN for monitoring of this volcano.


Sangay Images