Volcano News – April 2024

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  • Semeru (Java): Semeru maintains a protracted eruptive phase characterized by near-continuous ash emissions reaching altitudes exceeding 4 km.
  • Merapi (Java): Regular explosive episodes and fluctuating lava dome growth necessitate close monitoring. A small pyroclastic flow was generated on April 4. Ashfall and the potential for pyroclastic flows generated by dome collapse are the primary hazards associated with Merapi’s current eruptive phase.


  • Reykjanes Peninsula: The Reykjanes Peninsula volcano in Iceland has erupted for the fourth time since December. There is currently activity in three separate craters. The volcanic eruption exhibits stable parameters since Monday, March 25th. Consistent eruption tremor and sustained crater activity suggest continuous magma supply, with southward lava flows primarily overlaying the pre-existing lava field.


  • Fernandina Island, Galápagos: The Galápagos Islands are experiencing a renewed eruption event centered at the La Cumbre volcano on Fernandina Island. The eruption, commenced in early March 2024, underscores the high frequency of volcanic activity that characterizes this location.

    Monitoring by the Geophysical Institute of Ecuador pinpointed the eruption’s onset. Their instrumentation registered a pronounced thermal anomaly and escalating gas emissions proximate to La Cumbre’s summit. These precursors suggested an imminent effusive event as magma ascended from depth. Verification came in the form of a newly opened fissure on the volcano’s upper southeast flank, releasing incandescent lava flows.

    The eruption’s visual impact has been documented by rangers, residents of adjacent islands, and maritime traffic. Molten material creates luminous trajectories against the night sky. High-resolution satellite imagery complements these observations, permitting detailed mapping of lava flow extent and providing critical data for volcanological analysis.

Elsewhere in the World

  • Sakurajima (Japan): Sakurajima continues its pattern of frequent explosions and ash emissions.
  • Popocatépetl (Mexico): Popocatépetl continues to generate ongoing ash emissions and frequent smaller explosions, maintaining an elevated alert status.
  • Villarrica (Chile): Increased seismic activity and fluctuating crater lake temperatures signal ongoing volcanic unrest within Villarrica.