Google Maps Capture

Taking Google to capture the center of our fiery world in stunning 360 degree imagery. Come along on the adventure with us from your living room.

I remember the first time I set eyes on the Ambrym Island lava lake vividly. A Canadian, Brit and myself had made the perilous journey to the top of the volcano with our only gear being a few thinly sticks we had gathered from the jungle.

I was awe struck, but had a sudden urge to share what I had just witnessed with the world. And not just a measly Facebook post, I was thinking up something far more ambitious. I would need the help of Google to make it happen.

Upon my return, I concocted an idea to bring the Google Streetview Trekker down on the descent and bring it as humanly close to the two football field sized lava lake. This way, anyone could come along on the journey…at least virtually.

So what seemed a lifetime of planning and with the expert help of Geoff Mackley and Chris Horsley, we finally got the green-light and were soon boarding a plane bound for Vanuatu.

Local villagers in Endu

Summit camp at Marum

Getting Trekker setup


Just before the descent.

The descent was hard word, particularly for Chris who carried the Trekker down alongside me. I had a huge amount of other gear on me which was challenging.

Chris carrying the Trekker down

Myself and Chris at the bottom of Marum Crater with Trekker

You can view the footage we collected on Google Maps here