Mount Pinatubo


Pinatubo is an active stratovolcano situated in the Zambales Mountains, Philippines. It was not known for any eruption until its 1991 destructive eruption that produced the second-largest terrestrial eruption of 20th century.

Location: Philippines
Coordinates: 15.143581, 120.349428
Volcano Type: Stratovolcano


Mount Pinatubo’s Location


Mount Pinatubo Latest Status

2024: Alert Level 1 – Not Active.


Mount Pinatubo’s Eruptive History

1991 March – a series of volcanic earthquakes occurred, causing steam explosions on the N flank. From April through June, seismicity continued, with thousands of small earthquakes recorded. Gas emissions also steadily increased. Come June, Magma reached the surface, forming a lava dome. The first eruption occurred on June 12 with a cataclysmic eruption following on June 15. This eruption produced a massive ash column reaching 35km. More than 5 cubic kilometers of material was ejected. The summit collapsed, creating the caldera (which is now a lake).
1992 Pinatubo erupted again, destroying 10,000 homes.
2020 Phivolcs denies Pinatubo unrest after strong Luzon quake. Locals reported Pinatubo was emitting smoke. This was down to landslides as a result of the earthquake.
2022 A phreatic eruption occurred at Pinatubo producing a small steam plume.


Mount Pinatubo Monitoring

Please refer to PHIVOLCS for all of the Philippines Volcano Monitoring.


Mount Pinatubo Images