San Cristóbal


San Cristobal is an active and the highest stratovolcano in Nicaragua. When the Spanish first observed it in 1528, it was sending smoke during the day and flames at night. It contains a 500 x 600m wide crater with several lava domes. The volcano buried a village during a catastrophic landslide in 1998.

Location: Chinandega Department, Nicaragua
Coordinates: 12.705901, -87.001442
Volcano Type: Stratovolcano


San Cristobal’s location

12.705901, -87.001442


San Cristobal Latest Status:

April 2023: San Cristobal is currently dormant.


San Cristóbal’s Eruptive History

1990-1999 Vigorous fumarolic activity and multiple gas plumes. An eruptive phase occurred in 1997 after strong seismicity.
2000-2010 Intermittent (minor) ash eruptions, some of which produced lahars.
2012 Ongoing ash eruptions with ash fall in neighboring towns. Incandescent material ejected prompting the evacuation of 2000 people.
2014-2015 Intermittent (minor) ash eruptions continue.
2017 Seismicity increased in 2017
2018 Moderate eruption in April.
2019 Two ash advisories issued with ash plumes rising to 2,400m. A further smaller eruption occurred in March.
2022 A moderate explosion at San Cristóbal produced a plume that rose 1.5 km above the crater.


San Cristóbal’s Monitoring

For monitoring of this volcano, please refer to INETER


Images of San Cristóbal