Ash Hill

Ash Hill is a small basalt volcano located in Wiri, Auckland. The tuff cone originally rose approximately eight meters high, but has since been flattened. Due to ongoing earthworks and development, there is very little left of the original explosion crater and tuff cone. Today, the volcano is covered in gravel and is home to a car/truck parking lot. It can be viewed at various locations along Ash Road and at the end of Oak Road. The small mound adjourning #12 Ash Road is not part of the tuff ring and is man made.

Location: Wiri, Auckland
-37.002754, 174.867545
Volcano Type: Basalt


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Ash Hill's Eruptive History


Ash Hill erupted approximately 32,000 years ago.


Images of Ash Hill, Auckland

Location of the original crater - now an industrial site/vehicle park.

Ground zero resembles no visible volcanic features