Stromboli is a 926m high active stratovolcano located on Eolian Island, Italy. It is among the most famous volcanoes in the world and it is known for its regular explosions throwing out glowing lava from many vents inside its summit crater. Its most violent eruptions occurred in 1919, 1930, 2003 and 2019.

Location: Tyrrhenian Sea, Italy
Coordinates: 38.793614, 15.214749
Volcano Type: Stratovolcano


Stromboli’s Location


Stromboli’s Latest Status

2024: Active – Currently Erupting


Stromboli’s Eruptive History

Pre 1990’s Stromboli has been in a state of constant eruption for over 5000 years.
1990’s Frequent incandescent tephra eruptions. Periods of both quiet and intense activity.
2000-2010 2001: Major eruption ejected material reached hundred of meetings away and killed a visitor. 2002: Landslides generated multiple tsunamis. 2009: Lava flows observed
2017 Significant lava flows into the ocean.
2018 Activity continues from five separate vents.
2019 Two major eruptions July 2 and August 28.  A hiker near the summit was killed.
2020 Persistent Strombolian explosions continue.
2022 Persistent explosions continue, some large, ejecting material to 250m. Impressive lava flows observed.
2023 Explosive and effusive eruptions continue. Activity is centered across three vents.
2024 Strombolian activity continues across two vents.


Stromboli Monitoring

Please refer to INGV for monitoring of this volcano.


Stromboli Images