Reventador is an active stratovolcano located in Ecuador. It has erupted more than 25 times, although most of its eruptions have gone unreported because of its isolated location. The 3562m high volcano’s largest eruption occurred in 2002 when the plume from it reached a height of 17 km and its pyroclastic flow travelled as far as 8 km.

Location: Eastern Andes, Ecuador
Coordinates: -0.076806, -77.655829
Volcano Type: Stratovolcano


Reventador’s Location


Reventador’s Latest Status

2024: Active – Currently Erupting


Reventador’s Eruptive History

2002 Sudden eruption that produced a significant pyroclastic flow reaching 8km.
2003 Eruptions continue. Lahars produced that destroyed bridges and roads.
2004 Lava flows and venting.
2012 Ongoing eruptive activity throughout previous years. In 2012, further eruptions occurred including a large pyroclastic flow that destroyed another bridge.
2014 Eruption activity continues. Further lava flows and pyroclastic flows.
2018 Heightened activity continues throughout 2014-2018 with major eruptions, lava flows (outside of the crater) and dangerous pyroclastic flows.
2019 Explosive activity with large incandescent ejecta.
2020 Almost daily ash advisories, with consistent plumes to 5000m.
2023 Ongoing ash eruptions to 5000m and incandescent ejecta.
2024 Very regular moderate eruptions, producing plumes to 1000m


Reventador Monitoring

Please refer to IG-EPN for monitoring of this volcano.


Reventador Images