Nevado del Ruiz


Nevado del Ruiz is a stratovolcano located near the border of Caldas and Tolima, Colombia. The last major eruption was in 1985. A resulting lahar from this eruption killed over 23,000 people.

Location: Caldas & Tolima, Colombia
Coordinates: 4.892668, -75.318821
Volcano Type: Stratovolcano


Nevado del Ruiz’s Location


Nevado del Ruiz’s Latest Status

2024: Currently Active


Nevado del Ruiz’s Eruptive History

1595 Three Plinian eruptions producing a large amount of lapilli and pumice. A number of lahars were produced killing 600 people.
1800’s Eruptions occurred in 1804,1828,1829,1831 & 1845. The 1845 eruption was VEI=3 and believed to be from the Arenas and Le Olleta craters. A large amount of lapilli was ejected.
1985 Increased seismicity and fumarole activity preceded an eruption in Sept 1985.  Activity subsided before resuming in Nov. On Nov 13, the volcano erupted again (VEI=3). This eruption phase created pyroclastic flows that melted  glaciers and snow, forming four lahars that killed over 23,000 people. This eruption became the second-deadliest volcanic disaster in the 20th century.
1990’s Ongoing seismicity. Small ash eruptions.
2012 Explosive eruptions with a 7.5-km-wide plume recorded.
2014 Frequent ash plumes to 3500m.
2019-2020 Frequent ash eruptions to 6000m. As of April 2020, a number of Volcano Volcanic Ash Advisories have been issued.
2023 Eruptions continue. Activity characterized by gas, steam, and ash emissions, thermal anomalies at the lava dome in Arenas Crater and elevated seismicity.
2024 Eruptive activity continues, with regular VAAC ash advisories. Seismicity has decreased slightly.


Nevado del Ruiz Monitoring

For monitoring of Nevado del Ruiz, please refer to Servicio Geologico Colombiano.


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