Pollux Cave


Pollux Cave is part of the “Gemini Caves” and is one of two complex caves with side by side entrances. The first is “Castor Cave“, the second being “Pollux Cave”. Neither cave overlaps.

The entrance to Pollux Cave presents a moderate challenge, with cautious navigation required through a jumble of large blocks and rubble. A prominent feature near the entrance is a substantial pohutakawa tree trunk, likely having grown through a former, smaller skylight. The rubble extends in a line through the cave’s center, leaving an unobstructed passage on either side. It is evident that a portion of the ceiling has collapsed, potentially quite recently, likely due to the tree roots fracturing the rock above.

Beyond the rubble, the cave expands into the main chamber, a spacious area with a ceiling height reaching 2.6 meters. The wall profile displays a fascinating sequence of multiple lava flows (both pahoehoe and a’a), layered atop one another, indicating that the cave’s formation was not the result of a single flow event.

Southward, a narrow arm continues with a visible passage for at least 15 meters, although its narrowness precludes further exploration. The main cave extends eastward, ascending gradually and narrowing slightly before opening up once more, albeit with a reduced ceiling height of just one meter. After approximately 20 meters, the cave narrows again, with a short arm branching off to the north.

Another notable feature of Pollux Cave is the presence of a large, unbroken lava roll (or scroll) that stretches for nearly 13 meters.

Cave Type: Lava Cave
Location: Auckland Volcanic Field
Surveyed: Yes