Capella Cave

The Capella Cave is distinguished by a singular entrance, a collapsed ceiling/skylight adorned with a small natural bridge. A substantial accumulation of rubble and lava blocks occupies the central floor area beneath the collapsed section. Notably, a pohutakawa tree flourishes amidst this debris. The skylight entrance, approximately 2.5 meters in height, grants access to the cave’s interior.

The northward passage descends, its path obscured by a covering of blocks. Two arms extend eastward: one similarly obstructed by blocks, the other remaining clear. The passage gradually narrows – too narrow to explore, yet appears to continue for some distance.

The southern section boasts the most spacious dimensions, characterised by smooth floors and a ceiling height of 1.8 meters. A pile of blocks and rubble is situated in the far southern extent of the cave.

Cave Type: Lava Cave
Location: Auckland Volcanic Field
Surveyed: Yes