Alcyone Cave


Alcyone Cave, while compact in size, presents several notable features. It exemplifies a “tube-in-tube” formation, characterised by two distinct tiers: an upper and a lower tube. The upper tube is marginally too narrow for entry, yet the lower tube is accessible, reaching a height of nearly 2 meters just beyond the entrance. Approximately one-third into the cave, the passage narrows before widening again. The floor is scattered with blocks and rubble. The cave maintains a consistent height of roughly 2 meters for nearly its entire length. The cave’s formation evidently resulted from multiple lava flows. The floor transitions from a rough, grey/black surface to a smoother, vibrant orange surface. Peculiarly large, oblong blocks are piled on the floor. One side is adorned with lava stalactites, although their origin remains unclear as they don’t appear to have fallen from the ceiling.

Cave Type: Lava Cave
Location: Auckland Volcanic Field
Surveyed: Yes