Stormy weather in Tongariro National Park

Tongariro National Park, New Zealand / November 2017.

Four weeks back, we journeyed to Tongariro National Park to hike the Northern Circuit. This track is one of New Zealand’s great walks (I’ve got one more to complete!). The Northern Circuit starts and ends in Whakapapa and encompasses much of the (more popular) Tongariro Crossing. With fine weather forecast, we set off, only to get caught in a major storm with gusts of 160km/hr.

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Expedition Indonesia 2017

Dukono and Komodo, Indonesia / August 2017.

EXPEDITION INDONESIA 2017: We’re back from another insane expedition, exploring the remotest stretches of Indonesia. We had many moments of close escapes, including a super heated ash cloud, lahar and huge lava bombs landing close by us. All up, we took 11 flights, explored two fiery volcanoes and tamed a few fire-breathing dragons!

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A ferocious winter storm

Tongariro National Park, New Zealand / July 2017.

The forecast was grim. The worst storm of years to bear down on New Zealand bringing heavy snow and gales. Could this just be more sensationalism by news media? Either way, we packed up our storm chasing gear and make the 5 hr drive to Tongariro National Park.

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Cyclone Alert: Cyclone Donna

On May 5th, a disturbance near Vanuatu intensified and became Cyclone Donna. Her intensity rapidly increased,developing into a massive Cat 5 – as powerful as it gets. Thankfully, it was well away from any land. Over the next few days, Donna tracked between Vanuatu and New Caledonia, before heading south towards New Zealand.  While weakening rapidly, Donna converged with a separate low crossing the Tasman and formed a new system that impacted northern NZ.

While it brought heavy rain and wind, it wasn’t worth the chase.

A menacing storm to hit Sth Island, NZ. The chase is on

Westland, New Zealand / January 20 2017

After a weather “bomb” hit the South Island of New Zealand, another deep low followed, bigger than the first. MetService issued weather warnings with gale force winds and rain heavy enough to cause widespread flooding (120 to 160mm). Metvuw forecast barometer pressure down to 980mb (equivalent to a CAT 1 Hurricane). The chase was on (read more)