New Zealand’s Daredevil Volcano Chaser

Auckland resident Matthew Davison has an unusual passion—he chases volcanoes. Not content with simply admiring these fiery wonders from afar, this intrepid explorer has made it his life’s mission to delve into the heart of Earth’s most active geological features.

A Childhood Fascination

Matthew’s fascination with volcanoes began as a child. Growing up in Auckland, a city shaped by volcanism, he was captivated by the volcanic cones dotted around the city. “There’s something raw and untamed about volcanoes,” Matthew explains, “They represent the awesome power of nature, and I’ve always felt an irresistible pull towards them.”

A Global Explorer

What started as trips to New Zealand’s volcanic zones like Tongariro National Park, quickly transformed into a full-blown obsession. Matthew began researching volcanoes around the world, seeking out the most active, spectacular and remote. His journeys have taken him all the way from the Arctic to Antarctica. 

It’s not just about witnessing eruptions, however. Matthew is a volcano chaser in the truest sense. He rappels into the craters, collects lava samples, and documents the unique ecosystems that thrive in these seemingly inhospitable environments. “Each volcano is a world unto itself,” he says, “with its own story to tell.”

Moments of Close Escapes

Exploring active volcanoes isn’t without danger. Toxic fumes, unstable ground, and unpredictable eruptions are constant threats. Matthew takes calculated risks, relying on his knowledge, specialized equipment, and a healthy dose of respect for the volatile forces at play. “It’s about understanding the risks and mitigating them as much as possible,” he emphasizes, “safety is always my top priority.”

Sharing the Wonders

Matthew’s volcano chasing isn’t just a personal adventure; he is dedicated to sharing his experiences with the world. His stunning photography and videography (including YouTube Channel), along with his detailed blog posts, bring the fiery beauty of volcanoes to a wide audience. He hopes to inspire a sense of awe for the natural world and raise awareness of the geological processes that shape our planet.

The Journey Continues

Matthew’s quest is far from over. His bucket list of volcanoes to explore is longer than ever. From the snow-capped peaks of Kamchatka to the remote islands of the South Pacific, he is always planning his next expedition. “There’s an endless supply of volcanic wonders out there,” he says with a grin, “and I intend to see as many as I can.”