Minor White Island eruption, Wed 27/16 @ 9:50 pm

UPDATE: The Volcanic Alert Level has been lowered to 2 as there have been no further eruptions. White Island remains in a state of moderate to heightened unrest.

Alert Status: Volcanic Alert Level raised to 3
Aviation Colour Code: Orange

White Island Volcano, located in the Bay of Plenty New Zealand, has erupted this Wednesday 27 2016 at 9.50pm. GNS has raised the Volcanic Activity level to 3 (minor volcanic eruption) while the Aviation Colour Code has raised to Orange.

The relatively small eruption has deposited ash over the north side of the crater floor and over monitoring equipment.

In recent weeks, the crater lake water level has fallen by 2m. The temperature has increased slightly. Such changes are are consistent with minor volcanic unrest.

While no further activity has been reported, I may make a last minute dash down there this weekend. Stay tuned!


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