Chasing a Westland Storm

After a weather “bomb” hit the South Island of New Zealand, another deep low followed, bigger than the first. MetService issued weather warnings with gale force winds and rain heavy enough to cause widespread flooding (120 to 160mm). Metvuw forecasted barometer pressure down to 980mb (equivalent to a CAT 1 Hurricane). The chase was on.

We left Auckland, bound for Christchurch first thing Saturday morning. A 4 hr drive took us to Westport where we setup base, ready to get pummeled by Mother Nature.

The Selfie. The final preparation of any storm chase 🙂

The rain came, heavy at times. So did the wind. But we were left disappointed. The Storm we were hoping for was a fizzer. It was terribly frustrating, but goes part and parcel with capturing Mother Nature in all her violent moods. We’ll be back again on a storm chase soon. For now, here’s what we captured.

Debris left by a rather large storm surge.