Super blood moon and lunar eclipse

Te Kauwhata, New Zealand / May 2021

Just back from a very late one, filming the super blood moon and lunar eclipse. After a nervous week with cloud cover threatening to spoil the show, we decided to base ourselves just south of Auckland and away from the light pollution. We picked the perfect spot – not a cloud in the sky, no wind and very little light pollution. The moon was spectacularly bright with hardly a star to be seen.

The penumbral eclipse (partial shadow of the Earth) kicked off at 8.47pm, followed by the more noticeable umbral eclipse at 9.45pm where the shadow of the edge of the Earth began to cross the moon. Over the space of about 90 minutes, the bright moon was covered, revealing a stunning milky way. It was quite surreal. Slowly, the moon turned a deep blood red colour as totality hit at 11.11pm.

Filming was difficult as camera settings needed to be changed constantly, but I managed to capture some time lapses at various states.

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