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Our fascination with volcanoes has became an obsession. They are an exquisite feature. Anyone who ventures near has felt a blazing sense of mother nature’s disinterest in us. In small measures she exhilarates. In her full form she annihilates.

On this expedition, we return to Vanuatu, venturing ever closer to the blazing lava in pursuit of peril.

We’re back on Ambrym Island, renowned for black magic and its out of this world lava lakes. We’re also traveling further afield to explore some rarely visited volcanoes to the north. It’s going to be one heck of an adventure!

As always, we’ll be covering our journey live here and on Facebook.

3 weeks ago

Extreme Pursuit

Ambae Update:

The good news: Our quest to climb Manaro Voui, Ambae has been achieved. Along with the chief (and with special permission from Geohazards) we were the very first people to visit since the major eruption 6 weeks ago.

The bad news: We had to adhere to a strict exclusion zone, so was unable to enter the crater. The weather at the summit was also atrocious, so no drone flying :-/ and our vantage point was rubbish.

Manaro Voui is still rumbling with a minor ash plume visible. There is also a linguring smell of sulphur. The surrounding vegetation has been severely impacted with acres of dead trees. We'll post some video and photos soon.

A big thank you to the countless number of people who made this visit possible.

We're back in Port Vila and off to Ambrym tomorrow. #rttf
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3 weeks ago

Extreme Pursuit

Island life on Ambae #rttf ... See MoreSee Less

Island life on Ambae #rttf

3 weeks ago

Extreme Pursuit

Airport chaos this morning. Cancelled flights for some. Next stop Santo. #rttf ... See MoreSee Less

Airport chaos this morning. Cancelled flights for some. Next stop Santo. #rttf
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