Kia ora tatou and welcome. I’m Matt, a New Zealand born traveler, adventurer and all over thrill-seeker. While my ordinary life is confined to a comfy office, my non-ordinary life is often in pursuit of daring adventure. While Mother Nature is sometimes a very destructive and fearsome force, she puts on the best show on Earth. It’s this connection which I love to explore and share through this website.

Since you're here, do take a nosy at my news and recent adventures from all over. Care for a natter? Drop me a line.


Adventures & Features

Google Maps Capture

Taking Google to capture the center of our fiery world in stunning 360 degree imagery. Come along on the adventure with us from your living room.

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Earth’s newest real estate

An expedition to set foot on the marine volcano, Hunga Tonga-Hunga Haʻapai, Earth’s newest (and most inaccessible) real estate.

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The most ambitious Volcano expedition yet. Descending 400 meters to lava lake crater of Marum Volcano, Vanuatu.

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Indonesian Expedition

Captivated by shaky ground, eruptions and blue lava while ascending the rumbling volcanoes of Indonesia.

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Middle-earth’s Mount Doom

Crossing the stark and spectacular active volcanic terrain of the Tongariro National Park, New Zealand. A dual World Heritage Site.

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The greatest show on Earth

A death defying journey into the unknown. Descending the lava lake crater of Benbow Volcano, to witness the greatest show on Earth. Part 1

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